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Te Aroha Playground gives community a boost

The Te Aroha Playcentre playground development, funded by the Waikato Farmers Trust, has enabled more creative play from children, as well as giving adults in the community a positive boost.

The new playground is being used all day by the children and has been a big turning point for the playcentre.

The children are using the new playground in ways that teachers didn't expect including setting up a shop with 'stock' using carton, items and shopping bags.

The tractor has also been a huge success with children practicing cutting silage and feeding it out.

The smaller children aged 1 - 2 year olds have been climbing on the stairs, which is a real achievement for them and adults have also been rolling balls down the slide for them to catch and play with.

The playground has lifted the enthusiasm and positivity of the adults and there has been more buy-in from members since the build started. This has included a founding member, aged 74, who walks past each Friday morning. This individual took the time to email and say how happy she was to see her playcentre finally has a playground again and that she is coming to the playcentre AGM to celebrate.


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