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How to apply

Completing a funding request


Funding requests can be made by completing an Individual or Organisation Funding Application Form and then emailing or posting it to the Trust.


You will need to provide:

  • financial details,

  • referees,

  • supporting documents​


Please be prepared to present your request in person if required. If successful you will also need to provide an accountability report within three months of receiving your donation.​

Submission Closing Dates


Funding applications and sponsorship requests are considered quarterly by the Board of Trustees.

Closing dates for 2019/2020:

R1 – 2 June

R2 – 3 August

R3 – 6 October

R4 – 1 December

R5 – 2 February

R6 – 5 April

Sponsorships and Scholarships


The Waikato Farmers Trust sponsors Waikato based initiatives which focus on agriculture, education or supporting our local rural community.


Sponsorship applications can be made by providing a contract with clear details of the sponsorship request. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.​