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What we fund

Funding will be used for charitable purposes for the benefit of the Waikato rural and agribusiness communities including:

  • Promotion of investigation and debate in relation to matters such as environmental awareness, good business practises and sustainable profitability

  • Funding courses, seminars and projects in matters such as leadership training, governance, employment, health and workplace safety and sustainable business practices

  • Projects that advance charitable matters of benefit which may include community well-being, legal, technical, economic or research focused matters

  • Projects that grow the knowledge base

Charitable Funding



  • Sponsorship of charitable causes that may include partnering with other organisations or charities

  • Projects that have a strong component of volunteer or 'in kind' funding




  • Scholarships to those showing leadership potential who are intending to pursue Agribusiness in the Waikato region

  • Priority areas include leadership training, governance and tertiary education relevant to the agricultural industry



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