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Supporting young people into farming

Waikato Farmers Trust has supported Smart Waikato's Secondary School Employer Partnerships (SSEP) since it began in 2016.

SSEP connects young people, educators and employers (farmers), introducing students to possible career pathways and showing them how their school subjects (like science and maths) apply in the real world.

SSEP won an Economic Development NZ Award for Best Practice in Collaboration (business, community, iwi) in 2018. As SSEP has gained more support and traction, Waikato Farmers Trust has become a full Smart Waikato Legacy Partner.

Hannah is a young person in the agricultural industry that enjoys her job and has provided information future students who are thinking about farming as a career. You can hear about her role as a dairy farm assistant through this

video of Hannah and find out more about her life on a farm, tips for aspiring young farmers and why she loves what she does.


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