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Science research kit helps students become guardians of the land

The Waikato Farmers Trust funding of the “Land/Whenua Taataritanga” science research kits, for central and south Waikato schools, have enabled students to undertake experiments in their local surroundings.

Children at Matangi school investigate the contents of the research kit

The kits provide activities which have given the children a greater connection to the flora and fauna in the area, and a better understanding of the land.

Projects have included a plant identification survey at a nearby wetland, which helped students to to identify what was growing there and whether plants were native or introduced.

A visual soil assessment tool also enables students to see how too much water can result in the leaching of fertilisers.

Together, these experiments introduced concepts to students in the real world and gave them a deeper understanding about what they mean and why they are important.

The grants enabled the initial purchase of the kits and the items needed to replenish them.


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