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Empowering Life Education to reach more rural children

Life Education is a charity that educates and empowers children to make healthy choices so they can live full and healthy lives.

Every year they teach thousands of children about their body, friendships, their identity, food and nutrition and helpful and harmful substances.

Today children and adolescents face considerable challenges, including obesity, substance use, mental health and bullying. The decisions children make at an early age, can dramatically affect how they live into the future. Life Education exists to help students make positive decisions for their future health and well-being.

Funding from Waikato Farmers Trust has enabled Life Education to deliver more lessons to rural schools by being able to offer a second classroom to meet demands.

Life Education currently reach approximately 6,000 children each year, of which 1500 children are from rural areas. The second classroom now means they can increase numbers by at least 50% and visit schools they were unable to visit before.

The lessons are relevant and engaging and the impact on students is immediate:

“I learnt when to make good choices and why we need to think about them before we make them”
“A few things I learnt were how our ‘thinking brain’ stops working properly while we go through puberty; causing stronger emotions, about different parts of the brain, and I also learnt about peer pressure – positive and negative”
“One thing I learnt was that friends can pressure you into doing bad things by making you think you’re not good enough to be friends with the or they can be manipulative.”


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